In the Personalised Marketing Framework Session, you can expect;

  • To get brand clarity.
  • To achieve customer clarity, and learn how to choose where to market to them
  • To improve your copywriting ability, off the chart!
  • Leave with a marketing framework you can trust that will never become outdated and can also scale with your business.

How the Personalised Marketing Framework Session Works

  1. Using the calendar below choose a time that works for you, and complete payment (we use Stripe).
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a Receipt for payment
  3. You’ll also receive a Calendar entry, with a Zoom link.
  4. The day before you’ll receive a reminder.
  5. On the day/time of your session, click the Zoom link and join the meeting.
  6. You don’t need to come prepared. Tim has run sessions like this via Zoom many times and is very experienced in extracting everything needed on the spot.
  7. Tim will send you the framework materials with any personalisation included, by email, after the session.

The investment – $147*

“That’s so cheap! But what’s with the * “ – you’re probably thinking.

Today, that’s all you pay. In fact, if that’s all you want to pay, that’s all you will pay.

The one catch is that after the meeting we’ll send you a follow-up email.

In that email, there will be a number of choices (links).

  • Leave a Google review.
  • Easily request a refund if you weren’t blown away by what you achieved.
  • Leave a tip if you were completely thrilled by what you achieved AND you know far more than $147 of value was added to your business. No pressure. Just if you want to.

The * is a final ‘part of the transaction’ where you are committing to do at least one of these things.

Sound fair? Let’s get to it!