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An Absolute Must-Do, the Book.

A concise framework to build a tourism business that people love, pay more for, and rave about.

Written by Tim Davies, the author at and

An Absolute Must-Do was written to help small tourism businesses do MUCH better marketing without the need for help. Even if they don’t have any experience at all.

The book presents a framework anyone tourism business can follow, to achieve brand clarity and build a remarkable tourism business.

Most advice, training, and help tourism businesses receive focuses on tactics (the ‘doing’).

This book shows how starting with tactics is a flawed approach, and demonstrates how starting on strategy instead will provide the direction, clarity and differentiation tourism businesses need to stand out and become An Absolute Must-Do in their region.

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“Brand is who you are, and it’s evident in what you do. What Tim presents here is a wonderful balance of theory and practice. It’ll leave tourism operators inspired and armed. His process will help businesses articulate what is often described as gut-feelings. When it’s articulated as brand and marketing strategy, it crystalises what to do, when and how.”

~ Tracy Carter, Deputy Executive Director, Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine, Victoria, Australia.